Testimonials, what people say...

"All I can say is that I feel deep gratitude for the depth coaching sessions with you! Right from the beginning, I felt completely safe and at ease, and whenever we connected on Skype, it was like entering a sacred and calm space that gave room for me to dive deeper into my past without any fear and to discover how it influences my present emotions and behaviors - always accompanied and gently guided by your calm voice, the openness and trust in your eyes and your understanding and loving nature. Embarking on this beautiful journey with you strengthened not only my self-confidence but also increased my curiosity about all there is that still wants to get expressed through me and really helped me to reconnect with my joie de vivre.

Thank you once again!"


Anne Wenk, a caring, community and adventure-loving person, enjoys when she is in tune with herself and in nature, tour-guide

"The work with Nathalie was a revelation and a big relief at the same time. I was in a dark place where I was so confused and I couldn´t get any rest of being angry at myself. She helped me with her patience and her love. Because of her clarity I came closer to myself and managed to get more awareness to the parts in me I didn´t like. She opened the door and let it open even when I was trying to hide or to get out of contact with myself. Because of that I could go further and show my pain and transcend the feeling of shame by staying with it. She also stayed present and in contact with me the whole time. Which is the most important thing for me when I am in a place of hurt feelings. This shows truely her experience in this field. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This was a major step for me.“ 

Amine, sound-engineer

"Without giving me answers or advise, it's been beautiful to see how Nathalie's curious, supportive and caring presence has helped me come to my own truth and healing on my own pace. The way she held the space and mirrored my own journey was beautiful. I've been pleasantly surprised and grateful for how much of myself I have been able to get in touch with, by a dialogue with different parts of my body.

In hindsight, its been magical to see how she has helped me move through my resistance to owning my masculine side and guided me ever so gently to come into my own power. Thank you!"


Saud Hakim, a conscientious and sensitive man who is on a quest to learn how to navigate his own

and the interpersonal landscapes.

"I joined the Non-Violent-Communication Workshop with Nathalie in Ibiza and it was the first time for me to experience this method. I was really moved and touched within realizing the opportunity to do deep inner work. I also realized it takes a very fine tuned facilitator to transmit this work.

Nathalie combined depth, humor and patience together with the essential tools of this work. I was able and still I am able to work with what I learned in my daily life. It is a gift to get reminded that it is ok to have needs and to communicate them lovingly." 

Bettina Maureenji , Voice teacher and Musician

„What we particularly liked about the couples counseling with Nathalie was that we didn't chew on our conflicts in the search for who is to blame. Instead, Nathalie invited us to go in a different direction. This immediately appealed to our curiosity and joy. Through that, it made it easier to open ourselves up to change. Still of course there was also a lot of fear, worry, sadness, pain and anger. And though tears flowed we also laughed a lot together.
Nathalie created a very safe space with her attentive and present way. Everything had its place. The 3 couple sessions with Nathalie were sustainable development steps in our relationship. Both of us gained new perspectives and we learned as a couple and also individually.“


Denis (Artist) and Michaela (Dancer)

"Dear Nathalie, thank you for your wonderful work and your loving presence. Although we have never met in person, I feel very close and connected to you, which is probably also due to your gentle and understanding voice. I feel safe and held. Through your experience and the many, how do you say, therapeutic approaches :) you give me the security of having a solution for everything. You choose exactly the right breaks and speed of the individual steps for me. You see me when I can't even name myself and my topics.
You help me to sift through the chaos and to concentrate on the essentials and to find my inner freedom bit by bit. I look forward to every single session because the time afterward will always feel transformed. A lot is different, everything is realigned. Loads, blockages, triggers, everything gradually falls away from me and becomes infinitely easier. That's what I love about your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." 
Luisa, Yogateacher

"Dear Nathalie, you have helped me a lot to analyze my potential and initiate future-oriented steps. In addition, we have established my visions together. I particularly appreciate the gift of solving seemingly 'tangled' situations together. I find your advice very helpful and can recommend you warmly. You know exactly how to 'guide' me accurately and generate an 'enlightened' feeling during the work sessions. The end results have always been positive. I am very grateful to you for that and consider you as 'my' coach and companion. I appreciate very much the high reliability and availability in situations where it was necessary." 


Katja, business woman

"Dear Nathalie, when I came to you 1 ½ years ago I was worn out and broken, my back made me feel it clearly. Since then you have brought me back to life in the weekly yoga and massage sessions. Physically I am now Fit again and feel relieved, I know what to do in the event of setbacks. I've also learned to look ahead and to take things easier. Interesting, what didn't work for so many years is possible again. I want to thank you for that." Günter, 54 years

"It's always very relaxing with you. Knowing that you are not just using the various techniques, but that you carefully examine the body and mind beforehand is unique for me and I've only been experiencing this in Asia." Thomas, 49 

"Nathalie is a great therapist who always makes time for me when I'm down. She lifts me up when I'm devastated. I have more confidence now and can speak my mind without hurting others. I can entrust everything to her and she offers exactly want I would need in an hour so that I can start the day relaxed and pain-free. Thank you, Nathalie." Jens, 43