Everything in life is based on relationships.

How we relate to our environment, the people around us, our families, our jobs, and the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Our Happiness and inner peace is a reflection of how we relate to our world.

It is directly connected to our interpretations, our thinking patterns, beliefs, and perceptions.

All those things become the filter through which we experience our world and our reality.


Mostly we are trying to change the outside in order to feel better inside.

We change jobs, partners, places to live, or our looks, only to find ourselves in a similar situation later again, feeling the same nagging sense of unease and discomfort  with the wish of wanting to push it away.





I have been working with people since 2004 and find it particulary fulfilling when a space arises from your inner willingness and your desire for healing and self-discovery.


I want to support you on your journey in gaining:

  • more self-awareness, which is an important step to increase your ability to change your life
  • more self-compassion and a kinder communication with yourself and others
  • more courage to move from self-criticism into self-discovery
  • more clarity and authenticity

all this will help you to make different choices,

improve the relationship with yourself, others and your life


and move into self-empowerment.


It touches me when you are someone that dares to look behind your masks and come into contact with your vulnerability and therefore your humanity. When you connect with your own yet universal longing for love and unity.


The longing for fulfillment and connection to myself and life, the desire for joy and depth have been a thriving force and allowed me to search and learn a lot.


Feel free to contact me.

I look forward to accompany you on a part of your life path.