one-to-one Session

in one-to-one sessions I can cater individualy to your needs and possibilities, as I can access different methods.

Initially we want to look at the point your standing at and what your needs at this moment are - comprehension, proximity, trust, clarification, courage, peace? What do you feel, think, do and what do you long for? How are your life-circumstances and your enviroment? What is really possible and meaningful in the present moment?

Sometimes you first need to access relaxation to feel and center yourself. Or body-oriented methods can help you to unlock blocks and increase the energy flow, relaxation methods help to decrease stress and conversational-methods with inner parts can bring clarity. It is a creative process that evolves out of the presence and is aligned with growth and healing.

Mostly I work with elements of NVC (non-violent-communication), EFT (emotional freedom techniques), voice dialog or family constellation with ground anchor.


EFT stands for „Emotional-Freedom-Technique“ and evolved itself from the energetic psychotherapy.


„Emotion“ comes from e = energie in motion.

When energy is able to move and flow freely in our system = emotions are in a balanced state and our system in strength and content. Diverse reasons can block the flow of energy.


Inherently early childhood experiences with our parents and fellow men are creating the blueprint for our handling with feelings and we become conditioned which emotions are "acceptable and appropiate" and which are "bad and not acceptable".

And yet every feeling and e-motion is an expression of liveliness. Experiences of denial and rejection will create a block or inversion of this vital energy, while we learn to push unwanted feelings (like anger, sadness, grief but also joy) away, to gain acceptance from outside. The consequences can be lack of vitality and lust for life, anxiety and difficulties to make decisions, physical pain and chronical illness.


With EFT it becomes possible to gain awarenss of those patterns and negative believes, to release them and start moving into a new direction.

good results can be found in:


- wearing memories

- grief, anger, guilt

- physical symptoms and chronical pain

- psychosomatic reactions


this method uses the meridiansystem from acupunctur, enclosed in a psychological context. Through tapping on certain points, meanwhile expressing what truely is alive in oneself a process for release and resolution will be opened.

EFT is a method which release the energetical blockade and brings back the balance and harmonie.