Depth Coaching "Methodology"


....a method to explore and transform yourself and your life  through self-awareness




Growth and Change mostly begin with turning inward. With an honest self-inquiry.


Starting to discover oneself and bringing things into awareness is the first and most important step.


By realizing our unhappiness in certain areas of our lives and possibly finding ourselves repeatedly in the same situations, we can be sure for this to be a sign of something being frozen in our system, and us holding on to beliefs and conditions from the past.


The more we recognize what experiences, stories, beliefs, and ideas we are holding on to, the more awareness we gain about how we function and how we affect our reality. 




And here we start moving from Self-Discovery to Self-Empowerment.




With this "method" we will explore many topics of your life through specific questions.

We will open for you the possibility to look at your own life story, through a straight and honest lense,

so that you will be able to draw connections to current thinking and behavior patterns, which may stand in your way of moving forward toward a fulfilling life.

With the knowledge of your roots, you can have a clearer perception of your presence.

By learning to engage through self-awareness, understanding, and compassion you can start to create a new way to engage with life and your reality will change.


8 online - sessions for approximately 1.5-2h 




Testimonials for Depth-Coaching


short discribtion about yourself:

I am a conscientious and sensitive man who is on a quest to learn how to navigate my own

and our interpersonal landscapes.


3 words to discribe the "methodology"

insightful/ reflective / empowering.


Without giving me answers or advise, it's been beautiful to see how Nathalie's curious, supportive and caring presence has helped me come to my own truth and healing on my own pace.

The way she held the space and mirrored my own journey was beautiful.

I've been pleasantly surprised and grateful for how much of myself I have been able to get in touch with, by a dialogue with different parts of my body. In hindsight, its been magical to see how she has helped me move through my resistance to owning my masculine side and guided me ever so gently to come into my own power.

Thank you!





short description about yourself:

In general, I'm a very positive, caring, and adventure-loving person, who have lots of ideas and the  wish I had another set of 24 hours a day to put them all into practice. I enjoy being part of a community and feel most happy and in tune with myself when I can be active outdoors, surrounded by nature.


3 words to describe the "methodology":

 Profound / beautiful / reassuring


All I can say is that I feel deep gratitude for the depth coaching sessions with you! Right from the beginning, I felt completely safe and at ease, and whenever we connected on Skype, it was like entering a sacred and calm space that gave room for me to dive deeper into my past without any fear and to discover how it influences my present emotions and behaviors - always accompanied and gently guided by your calm voice, the openness and trust in your eyes and your understanding and loving nature. Embarking on this beautiful journey with you strengthened not only my self-confidence but also increased my curiosity about all there is that still wants to get expressed through me and really helped me to reconnect with my joie de vivre. Thank you once again!