"Methodology" Coaching


....a methode to explore and transform yourself and your life  through self-awareness



One of the most important things for me in my life is my own personal growth. I want to be anchored in me and in the connection to myself, to the Divine and to life itself and to always return, once I lost it.

My longing for fulfillment and self-connection, such as the search for happiness and depth have accompanied me my whole life and lead me to seek and study.

I want to keep finding the connection to lightness and to my inner living joy over existence. I wish to be in the flow with life and place myself where I feel most supported.

I want to find the way to abundance, from fullness within me and create and contribute from there.

I want to make my heart sing and live with a true deep connection to others or else find the ways to open these doors.

I want to free myself from fears that I have created through my conditioning and the pain by the sense of unfulfilled love.

I want to create and to fully experience and live myself.

I would like to support people who have the same longing and accompany them few steps into this direction.

I want to create spaces where they can drop their masks and be allowed to feel what lies beneath that.

And I want to do this because it fills me with meaning and love - to be able to witness that moment when the other becomes brave enough to look a little deeper and let this awareness sink in-  this compassion and affection that opens in me when someone finds the courage to drop his/her mask and to come into connection with his/her vulnerability ... with his/her own and yet universal longing for unity and love.

Mostly this longing expresses itself as a desire for change, and usually we spend far too long by trying to change the outside. We change jobs, the partner, the place of residence or our looks only to then find ourselves in a similar situation further down the road and again trying to push away the same nagging feeling of discomfort ... and many times we continue this way until we become sick or so unhappy that no other way remains instead of finally facing it.


Change begins with self-inquiry. By starting to dis-cover ourselves and to bring things into awareness is the first and most important step. By realizing our unhappiness in certain areas of our lives and finding ourselves repeatedly in same situations, we can be sure for this to be a sign of something being frozen in our system, and us holding on to beliefs and conditionings from the past.

Our reality is mainly dependent on our perception ... of what we believe of ourselves to be and what we think of the world, the stories we tell ourselves day by day -  and most of this depends on what we experienced in the first years of our lives.

The more we recognize what experiences, stories, beliefs and ideas we are holding on too, the more awareness we gain about how we react to certain situations and how we affect our own reality, the more we have a chance for truly experiencing changes. Otherwise our subconscious mind will always want to make sure that we remain "right", that our beliefs will be confirmed – even if that means to suffer.


With this "method" we will explore many topics of your life through specific questions. We will open for you the possibility to look at your own life story, through a straight and honest view, so that you will be able to draw connections to current thinking and behavior patterns, which may stand in your way of moving forward towards a fulfilling life.


8 sessions for approximately 1 1/2h are planned…with the possibility of continuation to deepen awareness and having support on your further journey 


With pleasure also offering Skype-Session – which works very well and helps to make easier planning and to safe time ;)