Let us open a space for reflection. A space for self-exploration through body and mind.

Tension and pain in your body are mostly a manifestation of stress and unexpressed emotions.

Through the realization of our protection and defense-mechanism we start our journey back to our core. On this path we find support in learning to increase the awareness and connection to silence, the sensibility to our emotions and their expression, support through touch and massage of areas with tension or pain, as well as the connection to our soul through communitation, prayers and meditation.



I enjoy the work with people and I find it especially fullfilling when the space opens through the inner willingness and desire for healing and self-exploration. Throughout the years I came more and more to the realization, that it´s not me who is doing anything but it is rather an opening and expression of existance itself through the seeded intention.  The doorway may ensue through the sympathy between therapist and client, through the trust which has been build and through the readiness to recieve without the attachment to a certain outcome.

So I want to invite the person to dive with me into this sphere. If energy is allowed to flow intuitively, it becomes a healing stream for the client as well as for me. It is something that fills me with great joy and gratitude. In that case I am just a tool for something that anyways was meant to reach that person...whether through me or someone else.



Tension and pain in the body are mostly a manifestation of unexpressed emotions and feelings. We learn to walk with masks through our lifes and to hide what really is alive in us,  even from ourselves. But the body doesn't lie, as the soul expresses itself through it and our task is, to re-awaken the ability to understand its language. A support for that can be to step into a conversation, held by another person.


whether soft and attentive or in depth and sometimes painful; touch and massage have a sientificly proven effect on the body and mind. Besides the increase of blood circulation in the tissue and muscles the effects of stress-releasing hormones is tangible. Through the relaxation we get the opportunity to re-connect with our Self, which is peaceful and free of anxiety.


in silence a space can open for grace and peace to reach us. Through awareness  and mindfulness of what is alive in the present moment, we connect to existance and therefor with ourself. Prayers and meditation arise out of this space and in turn support us to reconnect with the silence again.